What you need to do to prepare for a baptism



For many of us, a baptism is a special occasion where a loved one is welcomed to the faith. We gather our family and friends to celebrate the joyous occasion together. With that said, just like every other event, it’s important to prepare for a baptism. You have to carefully select a church, make a guest list and also pick a venue for the event.

It’s also crucial that everyone understands this is a solemn event and should be respected. It’s a dedication of your child to God and it’s you responsibility as the host to ensure the day is treated with the respect it deserves. Along with sending baby christening invitations, there are other things involved in planning for the event.  Here is what you need to do when preparing for a baptism;

Ensure you have coordinated with the church

This is the first and most obvious thing to do. Contact your church minister, priest or deacon and make it known that you want to have your child baptized. They will let you know if there are any church requirements or traditions for the baptism. This is also the time to ask if your family is required to take some classes or training before the child is baptized. Once everything falls into place, they will set a date for the baptism.

Reach out to the godparents

You will definitely need godparents for your baby’s baptism. I want to believe you have already chosen the godparents.  The only thing left is to notify them of the date the christening will take place.  This is to ensure when the day comes they are available to attend the baptism and even the party.

Choose a suitable venue

Another crucial consideration is the venue. Ideally, a location close to the church is ideal. When the church ceremony is over, the guests will easily find their way to the party venue. But if you can’t find a venue close to the church, don’t stress. Any other place will work just fine.  Depending on your budget and the number of people you’re hosting, you can hold the party at your home backyard or opt to reserve a spot at a restaurant.

Make your guest list early

Who do you want in your guest list? Perhaps it’s just family and a few close friends?  Will there be any kids at the party?  What about the venue, how many people can fit there? Take all this into consideration when making your guest list.

Send invitations three weeks in advance

Essentially, you wouldn’t want your close friends and family to miss out on the occasion.  For this reason, send out your baptism invitations at least three weeks in advance. Remember to include detailed information on the venue, time, date as well as a contact for RSVPs.

What’s your gift policy?

If you don’t want the guests to bring gifts, inform them through a phone call or email. However, if you don’t mind them bringing gifts simply don’t say anything.  Most of them will certainly assume that gifts are in order.


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