What You Need to Understand About a Facelift

What You Need to Understand About a Facelift
source: yourplasticsurgeryguide.com

A facelift can help you achieve your cosmetic goals of defying your age to appear younger. You get to surgically eliminate some common aging factors, like deep folds and sagging skin from your face, to get an overall rejuvenated look. Although time is inevitable,a Houston, TX facial plastic surgeon will offer treatment to trick the natural aging process and take some years off. However, there are several crucial facts you should know about the treatment as outlined herein. have a look.

Surgical Facelift Goes Deeper

At a time, a facelift was associated with skin that looked trimmed or pulled back. However, that was a long time ago, and medical advancements have improved the treatment. The procedure has since evolved and now targets underlying structures of your skin to deliver natural results. It gets deeper, increasing the benefits you gain from a single procedure. The procedure can be employed to tighten the neck, lift some facial structures, and tighten or lift the jawline or jowls.

A facelift is Not for the Entire Face

Although the word facelift might tend to mean that the procedure is of the face, note that it only focuses on the mid and lower face. The facelift does not concentrate on anything beyond your cheeks. Therefore, you might need additional procedures to get an overall rejuvenated face. For example, you might need an eyelid or brow lift to manage aging signs around your forehead and eyes.

Surface Skin Imperfections May Persist

A facelift will give you a defined face. However, some surface layer imperfections like hyperpigmentation and fine lines might not be improved. You might want to consult your doctor about combining a facelift with additional treatments for optimal results. You can combine a facelift with procedures like dermal fillers and Botox injections to relax the surface complications and get a refreshed glow. Also, the facelift targets the issues to your face due to gravity or skin loosening but cannot improve the quality of your soft tissues. Your doctor can guide you on the right procedures you should get alongside the procedure.

A General Anesthesia is Used

Although there are different facelift techniques, your surgeon often has to make some incisions on your skin. Remember that some procedures involve facial tissue and fat redistribution and excess skin removal, and it is necessary to use sedation. Therefore, you can be assured about your comfort during the treatment as your doctor will use general anesthesia. The treatment generally takes about three hours. Although you might experience some visible bruising, it will be over after several weeks, and you will enjoy the full effects of the treatment in several months.

Results are Not Forever

A surgical facelift delivers a natural result that is more permanent than other cosmetic procedures. Although the procedure cannot be reversed, the effects might fade over time. Remember that your skin will continue to age, becoming laxer. Therefore, you might need more procedures to manage the aging process that never stops.

Facelifts Offer More Benefits

A facelift can rejuvenate our appearance, but that is not all. Remember that skin imperfections can affect your confidence and self-esteem, limiting your quality of life. Fortunately, you can enjoy the new look after a facelift, lifting how you feel about yourself. Being positive about yourself boosts your mental wellness.

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