Which Paints to Use to Increase the Value of Your House?

Which Paints to Use to Increase the Value of Your House?

If you are looking for some classic paint colors and paint finishes that add more value to your home, this is the place. Painting can raise the value of your home significantly if done in the right manner. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about which paints to use and how to use them. This post aims to demystify the whole process and help you pick the best paints for your house. 

Neutral Colours

Neutral shades are the classiest colors if used in the proper way. Whether you choose black, white, or any shade between them (like grey)- you can have the most elegant look in your home with these neutrals. The best thing about these shades is how versatile they are. Perfect for homes, offices, and many other types of spaces. They can give a sophisticated look to your home without any effort.

Black is the deepest shade and can be a rich background for a luxurious space. It is perfect for large rooms with high ceilings. White, on the other hand, can be used for smaller spaces for a lighter and airy feeling. Grey is often a difficult shade because depending on the light and space, it can easily look boring and dull. But with the right texture and paint, it can truly give a marvelous look. 

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Beige and Brown

Shades like beige or cream are known for the rich, luxurious vibe. They give a sensation of light warmness and make the space extremely comfortable. They also enhance the lighting in the space giving a bright and cheerful space.

Brown is also excellent to give a valuable appearance to your home. As the color of the earth, it is truly a humble shade but it gives a classy look that is more in sync with nature. Your space looks composed and structured.

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Choosing the Right Paint Finishes

Once you have picked the right color, choosing the correct finish can make a huge difference to your space. Matte finishes are the most economical option but they give a truly neat and clean look- hiding all the little imperfections. Hence, a fresh coat can instantly increase the value of your home.

However, in the long term- shiny texture or satin finishes are the better options. Though they can be expensive, they are easier to clean and maintain. The smooth and silky texture is unmatchable and they truly bring the value of the colors that you use.

The general rule of thumb is to use emulsions or enamel paints for the high-traffic areas of the space. You can definitely go for a matte finish in low-traffic areas that do not need a lot of maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Wall painting and home decor can make the biggest difference to make your home look valuable. Keep it neat and clean- that should be the ultimate goal. Now with all these ideas, it is time to get some new paint and get started to create something amazing.