Why do Kids love Video Games?

Video Game

Kids obsession with video games, is indefinite and one cannot stop them. I have been thinking about finding some alternatives for my son. But to be very honest it all ended up in zero progress. I can not blame my kids, the hype created by adults and his class fellows is unstoppable.

According to various researches, kids who tend to play video games 4 hours a day are more focused and creative, now this is something parents and teachers might not have expected. It is the attitude of your kid which is somehow developed by your annoying attitude and parents tend to understand the change. Read more at 5homestyle.com

 Lately, I organized an interview with 10 kids and asked them various questions. They said that they feel that playing video games keeps them busy and they tend to enjoy a lot that is why they love games. 

The only thing parents must check is the type of games kids are playing. Kids who are smaller than 5 years tend to learn a lot through simulations. 

Many psychologists will tell you that you need to focus on those activities which your kids love and create learning through them. Otherwise, you and your kid will have a strained relationship. What else do you think you would do with your kid, there are no other time spending activities left than playing games or watching movies.

1. Kids Want to Relax 

When you will ask your kids, why do they want to play video games, they will immediately say that they need to relax, and games are the only thing which can make them happy while relaxing. 

Now, parents and teachers will think that kids do not do anything hectic so why do they need to relax, learning is an all-day-long process for kids and playing video games is the only entertaining thing. 

2. Love for Challenges 

Kids, especially boys love to have challenges, while girls will like to solve mysteries. Boys will rush for fighting and mission-based games.  Read more at activemyhome.com

Kids will play video games because at each level there is something new for them. now I understand the psychology of the game designers, they design games in such a way that for each level they put something tempting, thus the players are always attracted. 

3. This is their Choice 

Throughout the day, kids are asked to do things on their teacher’s and parent’s command. They do not like it and want to live like a free independent human being. While they play games, they are free to make decisions, and this makes them very happy. 

They would say that they love playing video games because these challenges are selected by themselves for themselves. No mummies are telling them what to do or in what way. Thus, promotes a sense of freedom. 

4. They have Something to Talk About 

Okay, let us face it. If you warn your kids and will stop them from playing video games then it is very likely that he will get into some sort of inferiority complex, because their kids will boast about their missions. 

Thus, kids think that if they will play video games then there will be a lot to talk about, their friends will be impressed by their games and tactics. 

5. Socializing 

Those who play video games, now feel that they have got a platform for interaction. Online games like Fortnite are designed in group-based formats. Thus, a team will have various people playing form their houses. 

6. Boosts their Creativity 

Kids will draw various characters they sued to play in their video games. This is a sign that they are learning a lot from video games. I will only blame the parents if they are unable to find a video game that is based on some historical events. 

If your kid will play a game with a historical background, they will learn about various real-life characters. Girls especially notice a lot while playing video games, they will draw the same designs for the Halloween parties and during their tea parties, they will try to follow the exact stories. So, the game content is quite fascinating for them.  Read more at Arkconsolecommands.com



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