Why Regular Covid Testing Is Still Important

Why Regular Covid Testing Is Still Important
source: attheu.utah.edu

Although much of the nation has lifted restrictions such as masking, there is still a significant amount of concern. The numbers are dropping, that is a fact, but leading scientists and epidemiologists warn that another surge could be imminent and the latest mutation to the Omicron variant has been experiencing spikes throughout Europe. The fact that SARS-CoV-2 is still mutating is cause enough for concern and this is why regular Covid testing is still important. But be that as it may, there are certain instances in which Covid testing becomes increasingly important. Here are three of those instances.

Travel Restrictions

While travel within the United States has lifted most of the restrictions between interstate travel, there are still countries that require a Covid passport and/or testing near, or on the day, of travel. This becomes increasing problematic at large international airports like LAX where travel to and from every continent and most countries of the world are still scheduled daily.

Depending on your travel plans, LAX covid testing at their Urgent Care clinic offers two types of Covid tests but only one that can offer results on the day of departure. The NAAT PCR test can offer results in as little time as two hours, but the results are not being accepted at all airlines. Then there is the SARS COV-2 NAAT q-PCR test that can offer results in 24 to 36 hours. Whether or not you need an immediate test, it is safe to get one anyway, at least before departure to a country where Covid is still spiking.

Ongoing Mutations and Variants

Another extremely important reason to be tested regularly for Covid is because the virus is still mutating and variants are surging in other parts of the world, as mentioned above. Even if you don’t feel ill but are concerned because of the way in which Covid is still very much a player on the world scene, you should get tested. If you have been infected, but are vaccinated, you may never get sick but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be a carrier.

To Reduce the Threat of Spreading the Virus

With that said, there is always going to be a threat that you can spread the disease even if you don’t exhibit any symptoms. In order to reduce the threat and if you either work with the public or have a vulnerable family member, it is suggested that you test regularly and maybe even often if the threat to and from others is high. The most vulnerable in our society would be tiny babies and geriatric patients but literally anyone of any age can be infected with varying degrees of severity.

Whether you are traveling or simply in an industry in which you are exposed to a great number of people in the general public, it is always a good reason to get tested periodically. This pandemic is far from over and few experts agree on when, and if, we will ever be free of worry. Until that time, testing is suggested for the above reasons and many more.