Why should I choose MBA in HR besides marketing?

Why should I choose MBA in HR besides marketing?
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An MBA(Master of Business Administration) degree has always been a desired pursuit for professionals and upcoming working professionals because it significantly bolsters their skill set and enhances employment opportunities. Like every other programme, an MBA is also designed to offer students advanced knowledge and training in one core area of specialisation. Even today, MBA students are still inclined toward the traditional disciplines, including finance, marketing, and HR. These specialisations have retained their relevancy even in the contemporary business landscape.

While choosing a specialisation, students increasingly prefer an MBA in HR rather than marketing. Even though MBA in HR and Marketing offers equally promising career opportunities, an HR specialisation can take you far in your career. It empowers you with essential managerial and transferable skills, including leadership and critical thinking, important for a corporate career. Let’s dive into why you choose an MBA in HR over Marketing.

Benefits of an MBA in Marketing

Opting for an MBA in marketing, you can develop various transferable skills, including analytical skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, ability to integrate an idea, business ethics, and leadership. All these skills can help you prosper at an industry level.

Rewarding Benefits of MBA in HR

Graduating with an MBA degree in HR will equip you with advanced knowledge and understanding of the working of a corporate organisation, including hiring, management, employee management, training, etc. But not only this, there are many more benefits of doing an MBA in HR, including:

  • Learn employee engagement
  • Tactics to increase employee turnover
  • Tricks to keep the attrition rate low
  • Learn to take 360-degree feedback
  • Develops transferable skills
  • Builds effective leadership skills

These are some of the rewarding benefits of an MBA in HR. However, after entering the industry, an HR professional can collaborate with marketing professionals to ensure that the employment brand is strong and the hired employees are rightly sending the brand idea to the customers.

Importance of HR in an organisation

Human resource management sits at the heart of any organisation and oversees the management and engagement with the employees. Any organisation requires at least one HR professional or a team of HR professionals to ensure that the employees working in a company are satisfied and immersed with the company.

Employees are the core pillars of any business organisation, as nothing can match the value provided by a responsible human working for a company’s growth and profitability. With the changing business landscape, employees are not seen as just workers striving for a paycheck. Instead, they are now termed as resources. And effective management of this resource is termed “Human Resources” or  “HR.”

The role of a human resource professional is not limited to recruitment rather, they are the backbone of talent acquisition and management. HR plays a crucial role in achieving the strategic objective of an organisation by hiring and training the right talent and making them a valuable asset to the company.

Final Thoughts

Traditionally, HR and Marketing are two separate divisions within any organisation, but the present business scenario has urged them to work together in collaboration. Since communication is the key of both the divisions, marketing and HR can cross-pollinate to build reputation and capital by integrating their strategies.

Pursuing an MBA in HR can help you hone highly transferable and HR-specific skills, facilitating a graduate to work with the marketing division. Thus, choosing an HR specialisation can get you employment in a successful company, organisation, or business to help them hire, train, and manage, suitable resources as per the requirement.

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