Why Use Of Cryotherapy Air Chamber Has Become So Popular

Why Use Of Cryotherapy Air Chamber Has Become So Popular

Everyone has heard about the benefits of using cryotherapy and its applications. Starting from weight loss to muscle relaxation, cryotherapy has lots of benefits. Currently, people from all over the globe are using this particular technology to avail all these advantages. The sports industry, parlors, and even fitness centers use cryotherapy to provide the best services to clients. CryoTotal is the air chamber in the company Vacuactivus which is used by cooling the air considered one of the most advanced technologies than just simple nitrogen cooling.

Here in this chamber, the client does not contact the chemical substance and is away from the nitrogen vapor used in normal cryotherapy.

Also, in the normal cryo-chamber, the head is over the unit. But, here in this air-cooled CryoTotal, it involves the whole body, including the head, and cooled natural air is used in place of the liquid nitrogen. With the invention of this new chamber, more and more fitness enthusiasts are using it, which helps them in several ways.

Have A Look On The Major Benefits Of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy involves low-temperature therapy that is mainly used in sports rehabilitation. It is best for fast recovery after sports injuries and weight loss and improving the body shape. Cryotherapy comes from the word, cryo which means cold, and therapy means cure. When the right type of cryotherapy method is being used, it stimulates the healing process in the body and improves the circulatory and nervous systems. As current research and data, when the body attains a temperature of about -120-170 degrees C for about 3 minutes, it helps in reducing the skin’s surface temperature.

When an individual sits inside such a cryotherapy chamber, the non-invasive, extremely cold and short burst of cold air projected to the body’s surface evokes the physiological reaction that will help in healing and rehabilitation in the body. The controlled cold temperature also proves to trigger the analgesic reaction in the client’s neural mind, which further improves the mood and acts as anti-depressants. As said before, the practice of cryotherapy has increased worldwide, and more and more people are availing this treatment over the traditional thermal therapies. This cryotherapy improves the blood and lymphatic system and lowers the chance of inflammation by reducing toxic levels and metabolic waste.

The Major Applications Of Cryotherapy

There are various applications of the cryotherapy system. The air chamber in the company Vacuactivus is for pain relief and muscle healing. If you are suffering from acute pain for a long time, you can use this chamber that helps in further muscle healing. Whole-body cryotherapy is used for burning calories and helps in releasing endorphins.

Choosing this cryotherapy chamber is the best way to reduce weight, pain, and inflammation. This therapy is also effective for the sportsperson for reducing pain after injuries during the sports. Choose an air chamber from Vacuactivus to reap out the best possible results.