Why Visit a Cosmetic & General Dentist?

Why Visit a Cosmetic & General Dentist?

Anybody unhappy with their smile owing to flaws must schedule an appointment with a cosmetic and general dentist to discover more about the actual benefits of professional treatment. At New York City Manhattan Dental Design, Ernest Tchoi, DMD, and his staff address a wide range of cosmetic and dental health issues, including missing teeth, tooth decay, misalignment problems, crooked teeth, discoloration, and many more. From dental veneers and teeth whitening to implants and root canal treatment, each procedure is tailored to your condition. Call the office or book an appointment online today to discover what procedure best suits your unique needs.

Here are some of the reasons why you should see a cosmetic & general dentist:

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a) Get Rid of Stains from Your Teeth and Enhance Your Smile

Expert, in-office teeth whitening may be the most popular procedure performed by cosmetic & general dentists. It corrects discolorations that appear with time due to perhaps colored beverages or chronic smoking.

If the patient carefully maintains their teeth by flossing, brushing, and reducing the number of high-sugar meals and beverages they take, the outcomes of expert teeth whitening can last for a year or more. Veneers might be a better option for people with more serious teeth stains requiring more thorough treatment.

b) Restore the Shape, Size, and Functionality of Damaged Teeth

Damaged teeth are responsible for nighttime teeth grinding and general poor dental health. Whenever this happens, there are various cosmetic dentistry procedures available to fix damaged teeth, including veneers, fillings, crowns, and tooth replacement. These treatments frequently address cosmetic as well as general oral health concerns since they can prevent a tooth from falling out or necessitating extraction.

c) Enhance Teeth Alignment

Numerous cosmetic and general dentists provide orthodontic therapy. It often entails conventional metal braces as well as lingual and ceramic braces. Clear aligners are now available at Manhattan Dental Design to ensure you restore your teeth’s alignment without anybody noticing.

d) Correct Excessively Short Teeth

Some people are born with a set of naturally short teeth. Grinding could also cause teeth to become worn out and seem short. Irrespective of the reasons, a cosmetic and general dentist could help you fix the issue.

Some of the available treatment alternatives available include dental crowns and bonding. These procedures not only enhance dental health but also correct too short of teeth, making your smile more vibrant and gorgeous. Generally, this procedure is combined with others to achieve a holistic care plan.

e) Smile Makeover

If you have several concerns that you wish to fix, Dr. Tchoi may suggest a full smile makeover. In this procedure, he will blend a number of treatments such as gum contouring, Invisalign, and dental implants to help you attain a vibrant smile and excellent oral health.

Do you have issues with the look, feel, or function of your teeth? If so, there are many cosmetic and general dentistry treatments at Manhattan Dental Design that can help you maintain excellent oral health. Schedule an initial consultation over the phone or request online to get started.

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