Why You Should Opt for Body Contouring and What to Expect After the Procedure

Why You Should Opt for Body Contouring and What to Expect After the Procedure
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Losing weight might be challenging, especially if the diet and exercise do not work for your situation. You can lose weight with non-surgical body contouring, which uses different techniques to reduce stubborn fat under the arms and on the belly. You should look for experts in body contouring in Las Vegas who can deliver the desired results. Here are the types of body contouring techniques and tips to improve your appearance.


Cryolipolysis uses low temperatures to freeze the fat cells, and it is a non-invasive method that sculpts the body. The fat cells freeze at a high temperature compared to other body cells; thus, the surrounding tissues will not be affected by the low temperatures; the dead will eventually flush out of the body through the natural process. The procedure permanently sculpts the body, and the fat will not reappear on the treated parts. Cryolipolysis works well for the abdomen, thighs, flanks, arms, back fat, under the buttocks, and on the double chin. The Cryolipolysis treatment takes about half an hour, and you will not have any downtime. You can undergo multiple treatments to get satisfactory results.

Laser Lipolysis

The laser lipolysis destroys the fat cells with the energy heat; the high temperatures will kill the fat cells. The lymphatic system will then remove the dead fat cells in a few months. The high energy is likely to kill the fat cells without harming other body cells. The procedure works well for the abdomen and flanks. Each laser lipolysis treatment takes about 25 minutes, and it will not leave any downtime.

Radiofrequency Lipolysis

Radiofrequency lipolysis uses ultrasound technology to reduce fat deposits in the body without harming other body cells. The ultrasound technology is gentle to the skin and does not cause any discomfort. Each radiofrequency lipolysis treatment takes an hour, and you can go back to everyday activities.

Injection Lipolysis

The first injection lipolysis was used to eliminate the double chins but treat fat deposits in other areas. The injection uses deoxycholic acid, a synthetic form of the natural substance that absorbs fat in the body. The acid can kill the fat cells, and then the body gradually metabolizes the dead cells after the treatment. The injection lipolysis takes 30 minutes, and you would need multiple treatments to get the desired results.

The Body Contouring Is Non-Invasive and Safe

All types of body contouring are safe and non-invasive; although Cryolipolysis uses freezing temperatures, it does not harm different body cells. The other methods are safer compared to surgical procedures like liposuction. These treatments are fast and effective and do not leave undesirable side effects.

Final Thoughts

Weight loss is challenging, especially if dieting and exercising are not working. However, you can opt for non-surgical body sculpting weight loss methods. You should choose one of the body sculpting techniques you can modify to help you achieve your goals. Choose one of the following to meet your needs.