VPOTUS Kamala Harris Look-A-Like Coming: Woman Starts Clone Plastic Surgery Job

Kamala Harris and Cynthia

A lady who greatly admires the Democratic Vice President candidate Kamala Harris wants to look like her.

The woman, Cynthia Anne, who is already a bit of a Kamala Harris look-alike, will go as far as plastic surgery to look like her icon.

The 33-year-old will have a total of eight procedures done in what is referred to as the ‘Kamala Makeover’.

In order to become a true Kamala Harris look-alike, Cynthia will get liposuction, a tummy tuck, and an eyelid lift.

She will also get Botox, injectable treatments, liquid rhinoplasty, fillers, and breast augmentation.


What Are The Procedures Cynthia Will Undergo?

Cosmetic surgery is not a foreign concept at all and many people have procedures done to improve how they look.

For Cynthia, a long process lies ahead. Getting an eyelid lift and tummy tuck is already serious work.

She wants liposuction done as well, and this means she will get rid of excess fat without exercising.

A plastic surgeon will likely do the procedure on her belly, thighs, hips, back, behind and arms. She could also have the liposuction done on her chin to have a sharper facial shape.

However, this is not a procedure to take lightly, even if it sounds like the perfect solution to looking great.

It is a costly procedure that can see people fork out up to $10,000.

There’s also maintenance of the figure that will be involved.  The woman will need to visit a Liposuction doctor if she gains weight.  This can be handled easily by a respected professional like NYC’s Sachin Shridharani, but the price tag to keep doing this over and over is questionable. Will it be worth it if Joe Biden does not win the election?

What will Cynthia do when Kamala is no longer in the limelight? She will be stuck looking like someone else forever.

Unless she decides to have more Plastic Surgery done, which seems like a lot of trouble to go to. It will also cost more money in the end.


Cynthia’s Reasoning

Some will question this decision – Cynthia is not an unattractive woman, it seems odd that she wants to look like someone else.

She feels that Kamala is a wonderful role model for women of color and an inspiration to all women.

Whether that is a good enough reason to completely change how you look or not, is something only Cynthia can decide.

It seems she has already made up her mind – the name of the doctor who will do her Plastic Surgery has been revealed.


The Doctor Who Will Help Cynthia’s Dream Come True

Doctor Franklin Rose is a Texas-based surgeon and well-known for his ‘celeb makeovers’.

Many will recognize his name from the MTV show ‘I want a Famous Face’, where he does this kind of thing regularly.

Aspiring models and actresses often turn to Doctor Rose to give them the looks of Hollywood celebrities.

The doctor’s office has been scheduled for Cynthia’s surgeries that will help her achieve real Kamala Harris look-alike status.

Cynthia isn’t the first person to desire the look of a politician and ask Doctor Rose for help in doing so.

Previously, he performed a whopping nine procedures on a woman to make her look like Ivanka Trump.

Sarah Schmidt spent over $25,000 to get the appearance of President Donald Trump’s daughter. One can only wonder how much money Cynthia will have to spend on her Kamala Harris look-alike journey.