Women’s Healthcare, What You Need to Know

Women’s Healthcare, What You Need to Know
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Did you know women have increased health risks including heart disease compared to men? Women face various health challenges and needs throughout their lives. Healthy lifestyle habits, including regular health check-ups, are among the best way you can preserve your health as a woman. Lauren E. Spoo, MD, and the team at Memorial Women’s Specialists offer comprehensive women’s health care to meet their health concerns at every stage of their lives. Read on to understand what women’s healthcare entails.

Women’s health needs change throughout life stages, including pregnancy, delivery, menopause, and more. Women’s healthcare ensures to address the concerns at every stage while offering diagnoses and treatments of health issues affecting women.

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Women’s healthcare involves the following.

Well-woman exams

Well-woman exams help preserve your health. It involves screening for health issues that may help detect problems early before they cause complications.

During your well-woman exam, your provider evaluates your health history, performs a physical exam, and responds to any questions regarding your health. Your provider may also offer the following during your check-up.

  •         Birth control methods
  •         STD testing
  •         HPV testing and treatment
  •         Menopause management
  •         Vaccines
  •         Breast exams
  •         Pelvic exam
  •         Blood and urine tests


It is a medical field that offers screening, prevention, and treatments of various health issues concerning the reproductive system. It looks into menstruations, pregnancy, and menopause.

Gynecology also offers diagnosis and treatment of various women’s conditions, including the following.

  •         Endometriosis
  •         Infertility
  •         Menopause
  •         Vaginal infections
  •         Fibroids
  •         Abnormal bleeding
  •         Polycystic ovary syndrome
  •         STDs testing

Birth control methods are also under gynecology. Your provider takes you through the various options to ensure you find the ideal birth control method. You may also seek gynecological care for the following issues.

  •         Pelvic pain
  •         Low libido
  •         Irregular period
  •         Pain during intercourse
  •         Abnormal bleeding


It involves medical care from pregnancy, delivery, and after delivery. It ensures the health and safety of the mother and the child. Your provider evaluates your health to check for any issues that may lead to complications.

Obstetric care also provides nutrition advice, exercise programs, and medications to benefit your health. Your obstetric provider also helps you deal with pregnancy side effects, including morning sickness and back pain.

Usually, a lot goes on in your body during pregnancy obstetrics gives you a chance to figure it out with your provider.


Menopause begins at 50 for many women. It’s the stage where the menstrual cycle ends. During this time there is low production of hormones, which causes symptoms that affect your daily life.

However, the symptoms may start before menopause and include the following.

  •         Mood swings
  •         Insomnia
  •         Hot flashes
  •         Irritability
  •         Weight gain
  •         Vaginal dryness
  •         Low libido
  •         Pain during intercourse
  •         Depression

In addition to causing these symptoms, your decrease in hormone production increases your risk of conditions, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, or urinary incontinence.

Women’s healthcare offers treatments to help you manage these symptoms and improve your daily living. A healthy lifestyle, including healthy diets and exercise programs, may also promote your living during menopause.

Women’s life is engaging, and sometimes taking care of their health comes as the last thing on their schedules. Women’s healthcare ensures the provision of health services in every stage of their lives to enhance healthy living. Call Memorial Women’s Specialists today for all your women’s healthcare needs.