Your Guide to Visiting Amelia Island

Your Guide to Visiting Amelia Island
Your Guide to Visiting Amelia Island

Your Guide to Visiting Amelia Island:visiting amelia island, amelia island Amelia is one of those destinations that can fit all preferences: local wildlife tours, amazing nightlife, great shopping, and lots of romance.

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If you are interested in taking your visa esta for a ride, we have compiled some of the best activities on the island. We have something for everyone: nature, clubs, bars, romance, and some of the loveliest shops you will find.

The esta application that you submit will have details like your biographic information as well as emergency contact information. You will need to fill it out at least 72 hours before if you are from a country that the U.S. has under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).  So, what can you do on Amelia Island? Let us look.


Amelia Island sea turtle watch

The sea turtle watch is one of the staple attractions on the island. You can volunteer to excavate sea turtle nests. While doing so, you get to excavate unhatched eggs, shells, and even hatchlings.

The activity is not available 24/7. You need to wait for nesting and emerging. However, the event is completely open. Volunteers share the nest’s history and many interesting facts about sea turtles.

If volunteers find live hatchlings, they will get to experience their release.


Amelia Island nightlife

Beach bars

First, we have the Salt Life Food Shack. This lovely restaurant offers an open-air bar on the rooftop with a terrific view of the ocean. It has two bars and is decorated with tiki torches and blue hues.

If you want cocktails on the beach, the Sandbar & Kitchen is your best bet. It has an oceanfront patio for the bar as well as two more indoor. Besides food, there’s also live entertainment.

Finally, The Surf is a generations-old bar. It has gone through significant renovations, and its outdoor deck compliments the live entertainment quite nicely.


Downtown bars

The Palace Saloon, home of the Pirate’s Punch, it is the granddaddy of all drinking establishments in Florida since 1903. It is an amazing relic with amazing drinks.

If you are more into taverns, you are still in luck. The Green Turtle and Amelia taverns offer amazing vibes for cocktails and craft beers depending on what you want.

Hungry visitors will love the Salty Pelican, a bar & grill with some of the best cocktails, beers, views, and meals. It is an amazing place to watch sports events as well.


Cocktail tours

Finally, cocktail lovers have amazing tours for any palate. Starting with the Twilight Byob, it is a cruise where you can see the sunset while enjoying any beverage you want.

As for literal tours, you have three options:

  • The Fernandina Pub Crawl is the home of the Happy Hour tours. You can hear Victorian tales while experiencing some of the best pubs and cocktails around.
  • The Marlin & Barrel Distillery lets you taste spirits from vodka and rum to whiskey and gin.
  • Finally, the Downtown Mixology Tour is the best cocktail party. It sports four stops with cocktails from the best bartenders on the island.

Amelia Island for a romantic getaway

Amelia Island is also one of the best destinations for a romantic getaway with your significant other. You can share drinks by the beach and explore the island cycling.

The Ritz-Carlton is one of the best spots for a spa date. Not only is it relaxing, but you also enjoy tidal marshes and a legitimate natural playground. You can even add a champagne bottle for the perfect date.

You can also hire a horseback ride on the beach if you are a galloping enthusiast. You can even enter the shallow waters and ask for sunset rides.

Finally, most restaurants have amazing ocean views – with seafood that will have you wanting more.


Best Amelia Island downtown shops

Amelia Island also hosts some of the cosiest shops you will ever find:

  • The Salty Local is an eclectic joint with unique gifts and accessories.
  • Amelia’s Fine Jewelry is a family-owned store with unique pieces from the island and international selections.
  • The Book Loft offers two stories with over 1,500 titles you will not find anywhere else.
  • The Cape House is a home boutique with amazing additions for your home.
  • Finally, the Dressing Space Boutique offers amazing variety with the latest in fashion for everyone.


Amelia Island is the perfect destination to visit and enjoy some of the best sights and experiences you will ever find. Whether you want to take a break by yourself or take your significant other for a getaway, it has something for everyone. But we really suggest to check out the esta meaning before planning your trip to the gorgeous Amelia Island.