Byron Bay Schoolie

People want to go to some of the best places in their childhood. Especially when it comes to going from school. Many teachers give in their best to plan a Byron Bay Schoolie. Here are reasons why Byron Bay is one of the best places to go on a school trip. In Australia, schoolies are very important as a culture. It would just be disrespectful to discontinue such a tradition, so why not do it properly when you are doing it anyway?


Schoolies are the most important thing you need to make your school life more fun. Many of you must have already been to one, but for those who do not know, schoolies are a one-week-long trip near about December for students of grade 12 (by the end of their final exams). By that time, the maximum number of students have become aware of their social life, and they start taking part in a number of activities which generally kids stay away from. That is why it is essential to select the BEST place to hold a schoolie, not just for fun. Mind you, and this has been the culture of Australia for so long now it is tough to count the years. The most interesting part about this is that you can go to a schoolie even if you are a dropout. It is practically open to all of the same age from the same school so go for it. It is worth your time because the amount of fun one can have is incomparable.


Everyone enjoys a good trip to a good place where they can have the time of their lives. The reasons to choose Byron bay schoolies is pretty simple because they have the perfect windy beaches with a pleasant atmosphere, perfect for the summer season, the excellent nightlife is also present to elevate the experience of the stay, Byron bay is known as a party town, filled with pubs bars and nightclubs. This might not be a good choice for students, but there should also be a place where the staff can enjoy it. Who knows how the night will play out. There are adventure sports such as surfing and skydiving and underwater activities such as snorkelling and diving, which might prove to be an excellent experience for kids. They have slush wildlife. Events such as The Byron Bay Bluesfest, Byron Underwater Festival, and Splendour in the Grass are also places where one can enjoy. Byron bay has one of the perfect sunsets the world has to offer, so stay up and look up at the beautiful sunset ahead of you to see how wonderful nature can be.

Heritage sites such as Casino-Murwillumbah railway, 61 Johnson Street and Lighthouse Road are significant attractions like Sightseeing locations such as Nightcap national park and Minyon falls around this area. Whale watching is also done from May to October, a fun activity, and the students will not refuse it.

Little do we know that Byron Bay has a rich history and is known as the epicentre of Australia’s counter culture. It is one of the world’s most famous coastal towns in Australia and also not to mention a great place to shop because it is filled with designers, artists, and artisans from all around Australia. Cape Byron walking track passing through rainforests, beaches, and cliffs filled with greenery, leads to the historic lighthouse. It has a laid-back place with beautiful beaches, windswept beaches, temperate tea-tree forests, cane fields, and beautiful sunsets, which help relax one.

Schoolies are anything BUT kiddish, do not worry because they are definitely worth your time and energy, plus you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun. After all, who can not have fun on a trip with your best friends? You have absolutely everything one might need to have fun and that one week might become the example of the ideal like you have always wanted, not for a lifetime but a week should be enough to get the pleasure of this.


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